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Ian Moss is The Photography Teacher

I have been taking photos for more than 40 years!

In 1976 I was 'Young Photographer of the Year' and while not so young anymore, I am still winning prizes in national photographic competitions.

These days I am more concerning with passing my skills onto others.

The young members of the school photography club that I used to run become some of the most successful young photographers in the country, competing and winning prizes on a regular basis.

As well as running the best school photography club around, I have experience of teaching GCSE, A level and BTEC photography, as well as running courses for younger children, workshops and continuing professional development for colleagues in other schools and colleges.

My resources are used in schools and colleges in three continents and, embracing the opportunities of new technology, I regularly teach students in the USA via skype.

Please have a look around and, if you think I have something to offer you, get in touch.

Three of my students picking up awards from the British Institute of Professional Photography and a short video featuring student work, with a summary of our school club philosophy.

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