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Indvidual Tutoring

Individual tutoring by Skype. 

New technology  has meant that the world is a much smaller place when it comes to teaching. You might not be able to get to me, but that doesn't mean that we can't communicate effectively. I use a dual screen computer and a tablet for skype (or google Hangout) lessons so that I can send and recieve links, photos and documents as well as talk to you in real time. This means that, unlike a book or Youtube video, you can ask questions, reflect, or go back over ideas until you are completely happy that you have understood them.

As a basic, 'take it off auto' course, the following structure has proven popular, but content is very much driven by your needs.

Lesson 1 - Working with apertures.


Understanding apertures is vital to controlling how you image is going to look. Remember, a wide aperture means limited depth of field and a higher shutter speed. 



Lesson 2 - Controlling shutter speeds.


Sometimes you need to concentrate on the shutter speed rather than the aperture. If you want to freeze movement you need a fast shutter speed, but to show the movement in flowing water you will need a shutter speed of several seconds



Lesson 3  - Using Composition to great effect. 


Composition is about assembling the various parts of the scene in the most pleasing manner. Turning snapshots into  photographs.



Weeks 4 - Light.


Different types of light; natural and artificial, from day to night.



Lesson 5 - Exposure and Metering. 


Gaining greater control over the camera by better undestanding of exposure and how to meter for different scenes.



Lesson 6 - Accessories .


The essential kit to accompany your camera. Flashguns, Tripods and fitlters, amongst other things.

This basic course consists of six, half hour lessons, scheduled by mutual agreement.  The cost is only £60, but incudes access to my online library of teaching resources.

GCSE and A level tuition

To take a  GCSE or A level in photography you need to be registered with an exam centre such as a school or college.

It's unfortunately the case that many schools do not have specialist photography teachers and rely on Art and Design teachers to deliver the course. Asking a person with a degree in Fine Art to teach photography  is like asking a Dance teacher to teach PE. They simply are not the same subject! While many Art and Design teachers are great photography teachers, many really do not understand the maths, science and technology that goes into modern photography.

I have many years experience delivering GCSE and A level courses (as well as BTec and Gity and Guilds). I can take you through the whole spcification, or simply the areas where you need to improve to get the best grade.

For GCSE and A level tuition I charge £25 via Skype.

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